The perfect time to start decluttering is now. As the old Chinese proverb goes “The perfect time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time to plant is today.” 

And it’s so important to start today. Why?! Because procrastination will get the better of you tomorrow. The thing that is hard to start will be impossible to start again tomorrow. 

Have you seen the movie “50 first dates”? It’s so cute with Adman Sandler wooing the forgetful Drew Barrymore, and falling in love despite her nightly memory erase. There are mornings when I feel like Drew Barrymore’s character did in that movie.

At night I will go to bed with my head and my heart bursting with ideas, inspiration, and a plan for where I would start in order to change my life.

Then I fall asleep and when I wake up I would go about my day as nothing happened. Completely forgetting those inspiring life-changing ideas. Like there was no inspiration, no motivation, no plan to change my life.

Sure I would write the plan down on a list and leave it right by my bed. But again in the morning I would roll out of bed and pass right by the little list. My hubby is always up and gone by 4:30 am so it’s always me and my minions (my 5 kids) and I have my mind fixed on my morning routine and things I wanted to get done when I wake up.

Getting as much as I can be done for my mental health and business before my kiddos wake up. 

You Need To Start Today 

And by today I literally mean today. A lot of what I do after I wake up is habitual, my simple morning routine is something that I do every morning and I don’t have to think about it.

Decluttering your life, your house is not a part of your normal routine. If you are reading this article … at least it’s not a part of your daily habit yet … but we’ll get there.

I’ve been regularly decluttering for 3 years solid and it’s still not a routine for me. (I will share my regular routine later on) So if the key to start changing your life by decluttering is that you need to do something today, what do you do?

Let’s dive into that. 

How Do You Get Started Today In Decluttering Your House 

Know your why and write it down 

Behind every self development that I do there is always a “Why” that they ask you to uncover and I just about always roll my eyes. ”I know, I know! I know I need a “WHY!”” but when I sit down for 5 minutes and write out my “WHY” I want to do something or make a change it’s always rewarding and motivating.

So despite the eye rolls I always sit down and write out my “WHY” first OR I voice memo myself my “WHY” on my phone voice recorder. 

So sit down or if you are driving open your voice recording app to take audio notes. And say out loud.

  • Why do you want to declutter your house today?
  • Is it because it is so messy you hate it?
  • Is it that you are so stressed out and frazzled in your life and work that if you could just get this house under control your life will be de-frazzeld ( is that a word)?
  • Is it the simple fact that opening your closet sends your cortisol levels through the roof? 

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Knowing what your driver is will get you to started, every time

Look for a 15 minutes window in your day today and book it 

This is what you are going to need to get started today … a 15 minutes window.  15 minutes is so short and can be found in the cracks of your day anywhere.

Make it a priority to get 15 minutes of decluttering time today. Exchange that time with something else if you have to … 15 minutes less of __fill in the blank_____ to give you a 15-minute head start to change your life by decluttering.

Remember that “WHY” as you look for your 15 minutes. 

During your 15 minutes don’t stop moving 

This is the fun juicy part … where stuff actually happens. So you’re at your 15 minutes what are you going to do? 

#1. You are not going to think hard, you are going to make this fun and easy. Turn on some jamming music or “Hey Alexa” , your audio book that you want to hear the rest of and get moving. 

1 | Grab one place of attack. 

Whether it’s one drawer in the kitchen. One shelf in the closet. One bin in the pantry. You are going after super easy by picking one small place to start. 

2 | Empty the whole thing onto the floor. 

Or the counter. It doesn’t matter where — just empty it out. 

3 | Go through every piece and make your sorting piles. 

Ask yourself, Do I really love this? Do I use it? Would I pay full price for this again? If the answer is no, put it in a pile to go out. If the answer is yes put it back in the drawer. 

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Move the stuff right out of the house and leave a mess behind

This is the finishing touch. The beauty of making a change today and not forgetting about it is you are going to bag up your pile of “No” in a black bag is what I suggest … so you can’t see what’s inside and change your mind. 

Toss that bag in the truck of your car or pile it right on top of your shoes. Don’t try to keep anything to sell (unless it;s a gold bracelet) but all that is in this bag is going straight to donations.

And the garbage that you pulled from your bin is going right to the garbage. 

Remember, fun and easy. 

Finish the one thing you started all the way. 

That way you don’t have to mentally go there again tomorrow. The whole point of getting started today is not only to hack the proverbial tomorrow but to also make sure that you build momentum, motivation and confidence. 

Lastly, leave a little mess behind. 

Maybe the garbage bag box on your kitchen counter … the point … is so that you don’t forget what you are doing and so that  you see themes and know where to start again tomorrow.

I’ve gone half way through a declutter session, not finished and left my lesson on purpose so that I HAD to deal with it again tomorrow and finished it because it was too big of a job to get finished in one day. 


Don’t get stuck in starting. That is a funky cycle you can skip with knowing your “WHY”, setting aside 15 minutes, choosing what you love and moving the “NO” pile out the door.

The whole entire point is to beat procrastination, deprioritizing, and perfectionism to the curb with your swift action for starting to decluttering TODAY! 

You got this.