Toss the Junk When You're In the Mood to Declutter

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you get in this mood to toss. Getting rid of the junk, garbage and all the extra stuff that you have around the house feels like your only mission in life.

  • Maybe you felt like you couldn’t breathe?
  • Maybe stress triggers your action?
  • Perhaps you stepped on another piece of Lego and have just about had it?
  • Maybe you walked in the door from a refreshing vacation and saw the look of your house with fresh eyes and said to heck with that?
  • Maybe you’ve been spending so much time on other things you want to shift the balance back to taking care of your house for a bit? 

So you start tossing. 

What can you do and think about to go all the way with your tossing type mood? Let’s dig into that a little more today. 

When you feel like tossing the clutter

So you are feeling it. Feeling like tossing everything.

Now is a great time to take action. Go all the way. It’s super helpful for whatever triggered this action to work off the stress or anxiety. It’s actually cathartic to whatever triggered this reaction. To start tossing.

So embrace the feeling. Pump up some music and let start tossing. 

Optimize your tossing mood 

Have a designated spot for donations to go

Preferably in a black bag so you can’t see and by the door so you will keep tripping over it until you bring it out to your car and drive It to donations. Better yet toss it in the trunk of your car, here is the key, without thinking about what is in the bag.

Tie those bags closed and forget about the stuff inside after bringing it out to the van.

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Tackle more than a drawer 

You are in this funk, this mood and you are ready to go. So hopefully you have 1 – 2 hours available to do this. Go for a whole closet, the entire pantry, the whole wardrobe.

Pick one big area and go all in. 

Toss the hard stuff 

When you are in the mood to toss it’s so much easier to take this mood and tackle the hard stuff. I’m talking about the memory box from when you were little – to the memory boxes of a loved one that has passed away – to grandma’s china sitting unused in your china cabinet.

Thinking about going there and tackling the hard stuff. Walk into the room where the hard stuff is … touch it, open the box and take a peek inside and what is your gut reaction? Are you ready to go there? In about 2.5 seconds you’ll know if you need to go there today or not.

If it’s a “No” totally fine. Try again another day. The point is to take off the pressure from yourself and optimize this tossing mood. So move on to something you are ready to handle … maybe the pantry? 

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Remember your 3 questions 

Remember to declutter the fun and easy way. Empty the whole closet of the contents and go through each thing asking yourself the 3 easy questions that are positive! (from my online mentor Kathi Lipp) 

  1. Do you use it?
  2. Do you love it?
  3. Would you buy it again?

Yes, to any of the above means you are keeping it. The rest go in a Toss or Donate pile. 

Check out her post explaining this here: How to Declutter Your Home Fast: 3 Clarifying Questions You Must Ask

Keep going and making a mess

The best way to optimize your tossing mood is to tackle as many hot spot areas that you can and to keep tossing. Let me say it another way …

If you are in a tossing mood. Keep going. Keep tossing.

If you are done in one area and there is a mess to put back for the “Keep’s pile”, and your donations are in your trunk or garage in black bags. Move onto the next closet if you have the energy and time. The point here is to go fast and focus only on the tossing part of the mood. Worry about the putting away later.

Like tomorrow.

Embrace the mess

Like all good projects — when you are in the middle of one you are going to make a huge mess. And that’s okay.

Be in the mindset that that’s okay for you and your family. When you are done it’s going to be 10x times more helpful to your family and you to have gone through this process. So all that to say is that if the only thing you get done today is the sorting and there are huge piles to put back … good for you! 

Leave the piles to put away for tomorrow  

Leave your messy piles of what you want to keep for putting away for tomorrow.

Here’s why: When you walk into the room and see the neat pile of all the things that you have to put back you are going to be so grateful that that pile is smaller and you’ll bang out putting things away.

You, not in your tossing mood anymore = the perfect time to put things away.


Finding each item a home

This is the fun part where you find each item a home as you put stuff back and label it. I like to use a sharpie marker on a white label sticker from the dollar store because if I want to change that label it’s super easy to peel off.

As opposed to a professional label maker. To take it out and type in the label and use expensive sticky roll and ink to print off your label when you may change your mind as your family’s needs change. 


So remember these few tips to go all the way with your tossing mood:

  • Tie up your tosses in a black garbage bag so you can’t see and you can’t resort … the whole point is to move stuff out of your life.
  • Focus only on the toss — you can sort and find homes for everything you want to keep for tomorrow.
  • And don’t forget to try and tackle the hard stuff while you are in this tossing mood. Like the sentimental.

You got this.