You want to live a clutter free life. A life where there are no piles of stuff around the house that you need to maneuver around. A house where you can find what you are looking for and you don’t buy the same thing twice. But there is so much stuff. Where the heck do you even start? Probably not where you think …

Where Do You Start

The first place to start is actually nowhere in the physical around you.

The first place to start is actually in your head and heart. If you know the reason you are moving toward a clutter free life and if you are motivated … it will happen. 

Starting in the least likely place. 

Your head

This is your “why” and writing it down.

Knowing your reason why you want to shed yourself of your house weight will help you in the actual doing. The act of going through your stuff will be much easier because you know why you are doing the work.

It may be that you are looking for more time freedom and you know your stuff is costing you a couple of hours each week to look after it. 

Maybe what you are looking for is less anxiety. You know that if you get rid of half your stuff you will have freed up your mental space. You won’t have to think about all that you need to do and clean. You’ll also walk into your house with a breath of fresh air because the atmosphere is relaxing. 

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Your heart 

Acknowledge that feeling in your gut. The one that says “You need to do something about this.” That feeling combined with the reasons you wrote down as your why is what is going to get you to take your action. 

Now here comes the hard part. … knowing that you are about to take action, I want you to say to yourself every day that you work on the house …

“I will take imperfect action today.” 

Giving yourself the space and grace to slowly work on your house will save your heart the disappointment of getting everything right and thinking in “should-have’s”. Some may call this mindset and put this with the head section.

But I truly believe that that feeling of guilt is one that is soaked into our mom-hearts. We believe that when we do one thing not quite right … we are no good at everything. And while that is a thought, it starts with covering yourself with grace and mercy for the journey you are about to go on.

Grace with yourself and your actions. 

Your gut

This is a big next step! Because I will teach you my system and any other organizing expert will tell you their system, but as you go through the information and teachings to get educated and motivated … ask yourself

“Is this right for me and my family?”

“Can I try this?”

I want you to try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and yet I want you to question and gut-check what is being taught. Because I believe that there is no “one size fits all”. There are some foundational teachings you’ll need to know … but it’s how those foundational teachings show up in your home that will be slightly different.

I want you to be open to that. 

Your Home

This is a way that I want you to think about your home. Not in a “woo woo” way but a visualization type way.

Look at your house as a living breathing thing that shifts and moves. Stuff goes in. (like when you bring the groceries home) and stuff comes out (like when the garbage is brought out).

As your family grows and your needs change the house shifts too. From where people sleep to the art supplies and bookshelf. There is always movement and shifting and tweaks being made. 

Why is this so powerful to visualize?

It means that you are never done. You will never arrive at the finish line of living a clutter free life. And that’s a good thing.

As you move towards a clutter free life and as that movement happens in your house you will be able to pivot and move along with the changes easily. The journey towards a clutter free life is not completed in a weekend. But rather it’s a change in yourself that makes clutter free living a lifestyle. 

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Taking 15 minutes to get started 

Small integral habits that we layer into our lives are so much easier for creating a sustainable change in our lives.

And if we are talking about clutter and what we can do to declutter our homes I recommend making it a habit. A small 15 min practice.

If you have 15 minutes and only 15 minutes you are not going to overthink your process of decluttering. You will have one drawer or shelf that you are looking at and you will only focus on that for the next 15 minutes.

And that’s it. Doing this daily means that you will always be on the lookout for what you can work on next and what you can toss in your next 15 minute time tomorrow. 

How your 15 minutes of decluttering works

  1. Setting aside 15 minutes every day you are going to pick one place to declutter: a drawer, a shelf, a box, etc. ONE
  2. Empty all the contents of the drawer
  3. Put back the contents by handling things one by one and asking yourself these 3 questions:
    1. Do I love this?
    2. Do I use this?
    3. Would I buy this again?
  4. If the item got a “YEs!” from one of the 3 questions put it back in the drawer
  5. Garbage in garbage
  6. Everything else that’s left in your pile is off to donations

So stop and take a minute to figure it out 

What is your “Why?!” This is always the most important and biggest driver around everything that you do. Be selfish with these reasons. Make them personal and make them your own.

Trust your gut, do things your way, and work toward creating the home that you are visualizing, which is the home you live in right now with less clutter. 

By Sharon Schuler