Have you ever done a thing when you go away for a vacation and then those first five steps when you get back home you feel like you are being re-acquainted with your house again? 

That was us last year when we packed up all five 5 kids in the van along with enough stuff to see us through for the next 5 days and 4 nights.

This was a huge deal for us as dairy farmers. We don’t go away for nights that often. So the vacation was great — we stayed at a cottage that we rented for those days and loved spending the time with the kids. But the funniest thing happened when we arrived at the cottage.

The kids wandered through the place and “oohed” and “aahed” over everything this cottage had to offer. It was a cool cottage with a grass roof and loft bedroom that felt like a tree fort, but other than that and the fact that it could sleep 10 people, the kids were in awe.

And to be honest so was I. The kitchen had an island with bar stools! The shower in the bathroom was bigger than our tub and walking into it felt like walking into another room. There was so much space in the house I lost one of the kids. 

It wasn’t a comparison, but rather being in awe of different perspectives that someone built and renovated and took care of their house.

And then we came back home. I’m awkwardly walking through our narrow mudroom doorway with all the vacation stuff in my hands and I’m very aware. 

I’m looking around and seeing our house with fresh eyes.

Wow, has it always smelled this way?

Wow, is this what walking into our living room looks like?

Feels like?

It smells a little like the barn and old wood.

It looks a little shabby with all the chipped painted walls in the living room. Uh No. 

What it feels like when walking into your home matters

What you feel when you walk into your house matters, and not the feeling of if it’s home or not. But if it feels junky or not. Whether it’s like what happened to me after a vacation period and seeing your house with fresh eyes or if it’s every day that you come home from work and groan a little inside when you walk in the door.

Not about comparison but does the feeling of relief and relaxation wash over you when you open the door and walk through or do you groan a little inside with the reminder of all that you have to do today?

  • Dishes all over the counter? (raising my hand here)
  • Toys all over the living room?
  • Living room furniture back to back, from wall to wall where it feels like there is no space to breathe in your home?

Let’s make a plan to do something about it and start changing our life with a super-easy way of changing the environment around us.

Because if the environment around you is messy and nothing stays put, it could be that the kids have too many toys. If it feels crowded and crushing you need to declutter.

This is great because the easiest first step to making relaxation be the feeling when you open the door to your home and walk through is decluttering. 

The easiest first step is to declutter.

Creating a home you love

Dream about how you want your home to look 

Not the dream where you are wishing and dreaming for your neighbor’s mansion house down the road. But if time and money were not an option and you didn’t do any renovation to your home that is right now what would it look like. What would the space be shaped out to be?

Dream about and envision what you would do with the space you already have. A fresh coat of paint? Getting rid of the hand me down furniture that equals 5 pieces and buying one coach and one coffee table that you actually love, looks good and the best part of all…

… actually fits in the space that you have for it?

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The easiest first move is always decluttering and cleaning 

You don’t need to pick out paint or hire a painter for this super easy step to give your space a facelift. Just getting rid of the stuff you don’t need and arranging the furniture intentionally will change your home.

And with the space freed up from the extras, it will be so much easier to clean.

Give your space a new shine by washing it down and making it smell like you just walked into a clean hotel room. 

Notice the pictures on your wall

This is another super easy hack. But the pictures you have on your wall will change the way your space feels and looks when you walk in the door. Did you hang the family photo up 10 years ago and never really thought about it since.

Today, notice it.

Feel it.

Like when you walk through the door, what is the first picture that you see? Does it evoke feelings of home and relaxation? Do you have too many pictures on your walls? Do you need to get rid of some?

Changing the position of your pictures hanging on your wall is free and a super-easy way to make your space feel more like relief and home when you walk in the door.

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Focus on cleaning out your doorway entrance 

This is the space that creates the feel of your house when you walk in, the “first impression” if you will. And that is the space where you first walk into your home.

Maybe you have a full-on mudroom.

Maybe you have an entryway?

A mud mat to stand on?

Whatever it is, take special note of it and look around. How much stuff do you have stashed away in this area? 

I know for us it’s a lot!

It’s a 5 X 9 mudroom with 2 swinging doors in this area and the shoes! WOW, the shoes have taken over. The piles of coats, backpacks, bike helmets, and bathing suits. It’s a little like walking the gauntlet, once you’ve cleared this area and come out the other side safely then you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of our house. 

By taking out half the junk in our mudroom and keeping it tidy and clean, it gives a whole different feel to opening the door and coming into our house.

So when things get crazy and messy in our house the mudroom is the top of my list to tidy up and sweep out because it will make a huge difference.


What would you like your home to look and feel like when you walk through the door? Kinda like a hotel room? Like organized chaos? What feels relaxing to you? That is the feel you are going for in your home today which you can do easily 

  • starting with decluttering
  • then cleaning
  • focusing on your pictures and where they are positioned
  • and lastly tidying up that mudroom or entryway. 

Making sure your home’s first impressions are kicked up a notch.