Because sometimes all you need is a quick hit of inspiration about what you can toss fast in your house. Just regular everyday items that for some reason we store when it’s not necessary.

Think about what life would look like without one of these items in your house.

Would it really be that bad?

What’s the worst that could happen? 

Remember the core 3 questions and enjoy an easy and fun decluttering session.

Take out the items from the space like the closet shelf, the bathroom cupboard, the china cabinet. And as you sort through and handle the items in this list ask yourself. 

  1. Do you love it? 
  2. Do you use it? 
  3. Would you buy it again? 

If you answer yes to one of these three questions you get to keep it. All “No’s” means you are donating it or tossing it. 

Have fun! (yes, fun!) 

Can you toss one of these items today? 

1 | Extra Sleeping Pillows 

When our pillows get old they either go to the bottom of the pillow pile in the bed under our head or they get stored in the closet. Like enough already right?! No one wants to use the old flat pillows that we’ve kept for 10+ years.

Time to go. 

2 | Old Tech 

Anyone have an old cell phone kicking around the house to keep as a backup … just in case. I do. Which is hilarious. If my phone breaks or my kids grow up and need a phone, guess what we are doing — going out to get a new phone. They are faster, better and more convenient every time I go to the shop and get a new phone which is like once in 8 years but mah, it’s mind blowing.

Recycle that old tech. 

3 | Grandma’s China

If you use Grandma’s china like 5 – 6 times a year … yay! Good for you and keep your G’s china. If you are like me and it sits there … untouched for the last 10 parties because we decided to use regular dishes in the cupboard or paper plates that you can put in the burn pile later, then yes …. It’s time to say bye, bye to grandma’s china. 

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4 | Magazines And Newspapers 

I used to hold onto every copy of “Victorian” magazine because I might look back through them. Nope, not even. If they are out of date and you’ve looked through them, time to put them in the recycling or go online with your newspaper subscription. 

5 | Shoes

How many shoes feel like success to you? Forever and all is not an option, I want you to give yourself a number, a purpose, and an occasion for each one. Have some extra ones kicking around for when you were 21 and you may need them “again” but haven’t worn them in forever?

Time to go. 

6 | Maternity Clothes And Pre Pregnancy Clothes

This one is a kicker and I’m preaching to myself here … not sure what I was thinking in keeping all my pre-pregnancy clothes. Even if or when I get to that size again, my body has shifted and changed and so has the style. Get rid of those clothes and make sure you own what you love and is comfy on your beautiful body that you have now.

No future or past involved. 

7 | Toothbrushes 

Toothbrushes are only to be used for 3 months tops. We keep ours until they die. Like bristles flat and gross and oh wow … we should have tossed these months ago.

Note to self — order toothbrushes. 

8 | Books You Are Done With 

This one is a tough one, but do you ever finish reading a book and keep it as a reference in case you ever want to go back there and reread it. NO! Never happens to the regular good books. Only to the favorites. So donate the finished and keep the favorites and call it a day. I have a hard time getting rid of books so I do a game of 5 at a time go and then I’m done.

Better yet — I get all my fiction on ereader! (I get to keep them all!) 

9 | Extra Kitchen Ware 

Extra spatula? Extra frying pan on the back shelf? The extra pot you never use because it has a weird handle? Yep, that’s what I’m talking about and that is what needs to go. 

10 | Christmas Wrapping Paper 

Storing Christmas wrapping paper for a whole year is a pain in the behind. It’s tall and awkward and our closet space is high premium in our house. I hate storing Christmas wrapping paper. Episodically when you can buy a new roll in the season for an effective cost. Try to use up all the paper in one season … buying one roll as you need it.

And recycle the rest. 


The point here is not only to take the exact items on this list but to look around to the things that are every day around. Almost like you are an investigator in your home ready to root out the unused bale. Using the three decluttering questions as your guideline you’re going to give your home a little more room to breathe and with that yourself as well. Less for you to have to take care of now. 

You’ve got this!

By Sharon Schuler