Is Your Home Organized?

It’s not looking shabby, your home that is. Your home is organized and things are put in the right spot most of the time. Except when the kiddies get into something and spread it out everywhere. (Aka Playmobil).

But there is gold in taking time to ask yourself “Is your home really organized?” Not in a complicated system that needs to be daily thought out. Have you taken a moment to think through where you actually put things and if it makes sense? 

Finding Time for You This Week

This is important to ask yourself after you’ve taken the time to declutter an area in the house and before you put back what is left from your purge. Here’s why … because when we move into a new place or get rid of something old and rearrange the new we often put things away trying to make things work.

Like all the kitchen stuff going into the kitchen without thinking through where they are in the kitchen. I know I did this when we moved into our current house. I had help and I just said to my moms (mom and mother-in-law) “Just put the kitchen stuff anywhere in the kitchen. I’ll reorganize it later when I’ve had a chance to be in the kitchen and I’ve seen how I work there.” 

And that was half true. Some things I did move to a more convenient location but other things were alright so I just left them. Until I was taking an organizing course and the teacher said.

“Once you’re done decluttering and you are ready to put things back. Don’t just put them back where they were before. Have you thought about where things go?” 

Uhm. Sort of. Sure we are restricted by the shape of some of our cupboards but in our house, I was putting all my coffee supplies in the fridge and the kettle was across the room on the counter by the stove. Where if I just stopped and thought about it for a second I would marry the two and move all the coffee supplies right in the cupboard above where the kettle needed to be plugged in. 

Small tweaks, same place

Small tweaks to the places we store our stuff will make a huge difference because it has a purpose. We don’t need to rip everything out and start over again but if you are at the stage where you are ready to put items back into the closet, back into the fridge, or back into the kitchen cupboard, did you question if where you put it makes sense? 

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Take time to make your home organzied when you are done decluttering by asking yourself these 3 simple questions

Are your items organized by the right sequence/order that you do things?

Like coffee, coffee cup, and coffee spoons all side by side in one cupboard above the coffee maker? 

Are your items organized by your correct visual order? 

Like shirts hanging above the pants, or folded next to the pants in the drawer or the closet? 

Are your items organized when in reach? 

Like your popular items used to cook with are right in the cupboard above the space on the counter that you always use to prep your supper. 

Take a moment and ask yourself if your ______ is organized. 

Does it make sense where you have things arranged in the cupboard you just decluttered? Do you need to make up a new system? Are all your like items grouped together? 

This is a great first step to take when you are making your home organized.  

By Sharon Schuler