Organizing Your Home From Scratch

How do you Organize your home? There is a method and if you try to skip the middle, you’ll be left with piles and mess.

No matter the pile of stuff, the pile can be overwhelming. It definitely is for me. A few years ago after I had my fourth baby I was suffering from postpartum anxiety and did not know it at the time. But if you walked into my bedroom, which was the dropping zone you would know that something was up. 

There were boxes and piles and Rubbermaid containers of things looking like I was in the middle of organizing and I would get to really soon. But I never did because I was busy with a newborn (of course) and completely overwhelmed with zero systems in place. 

We did have a closet, not a walk-in closet, just a closet but the organization of it was huge deep shelves that we had installed a few years earlier and we would stack all these neatly folded clothing on top until someone needs a shirt from the huge piles and pulled the huge pile down and that was the mess that would sit around forever. 

How do you organize piles from scratch when you don’t have a system in place or that works, or when you don’t even know where to start? Yikes! 

Organizing isn’t hard if you start with step one

The basis of organizing can be summed up in one sentence:

Cluster like things together and find things a home that makes sense, but only after you toss what you don’t need out. 

There is a method to the madness of organizing and if you try to skip pieces in the middle like I tried, you’d be left with piles of items that don’t have a home, and it’s still messy and you still are not able to enjoy your space. Where do you start? 

Declutter first 

The golden rule of organizing is —- decluttering. And it can be as easy as emptying one shelf and going through each of the items and saying to yourself asking …

1. Do you like it? 2. Would you use it again? 3. Would you buy it again? If a yes to any one of the questions, then you keep it. 

Or it can be a little deeper like. If you don’t use this item on the regular, where would you look for it first? That’s where it goes. If you answer … “Well, I wouldn’t look for it.” Then it goes out the door. Second question: Would you remember that you put it there? If “No” then it goes. 

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Collect like items together

The first part of organizing is gathering like items and grouping them together. This is called macro organizing, even if you are a person that wants a really detailed system … you’ll get there, but first you need to start with collecting like items and putting this group in the first place that you’ll think to look for it. 

Label it 

This is one that is not a strong suit of mine. Oh, sure, I’ll label everything but it’s like a sticky note with a piece of hockey tape to hold it onto the Rubbermaid. No Cricket cutter over here with super cute labels. I’ll get there one day but for today I’m embracing “good enough” and I wish the same for you.

Use what you have for organizing and call it “good enough”. We will upgrade —— if we want —— later. 

But a clear label of what is in the container even if it’s clear or a wire basket. With a clear label, you can place the responsibility of finding something, fetching it, and putting it away onto someone else in the family. Just in case you are not there the day that they are looking for the replacement batteries right?! 

Labels also release the mental clutter of you having to look at a container and figure out what’s inside, even if it’s clear! Don’t use your brainpower on this label! Nice and big. 

Develop a system that works for you

There is so much great stuff out there about different ways, tips, and tricks that you can do to get organized, as I’m sure you know that not everyone organizes the same way. Picking up a little here and a little there will create for you a different system that you are using that works for you. Keep trying. 

Some of my favorite channels I watch for inspiration and organization tips are: 


Minimal Mom

Dana White

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Keep your end in mind. You are creating a home of peace and calm, so you want to organize it for you and your family. Start with decluttering, then grouping like items together and putting them in the place that you’ll look for them first, and finally put a label on it. 

You’ve got this. 

By Sharon Schuler