When you have no time to declutter….


“Hey, how are you?” 

“Yeah, I’m good. So busy but good.” 

Typical line opener when greeting someone. And everyone nods their head in acceptance. In fact, it would be weird and awkward to stand in a group of moms or even with just one mom friend and admit you’re not that busy. 

Busy is our mom badge and everyone is saying it. Because it holds a grain of truth. We are busy from the laundry, to work, to kids, to the school run, to groceries and the meal prep and volunteer work and everything in between, we are busy … but we are not really it’s just that we prioritize a lot of things in our lives and we try to get it all done. 

So how do we add this one more thing? Especially when we have no time to declutter? 

Well, the truth is you never find the time but make it.

You’ll need to make decluttering a priority in your life too if you want to make it happen. There is never enough time in our lives to all of a sudden find time leftover and given to us. We’ll have to find the time in the cracks and keep this project of decluttering your life at the forefront of your mind so you don’t forget the new project that you are working on. 

5 reasons that you need to make decluttering a top priority

It reduces the stress and anxiety in your life 

Have you ever felt like there is so much going on you don’t like or want any of it? You’d rather keep busy so you don’t need to stop or you would rather just stay in bed for the day instead of facing your busy life. Your messy cluttered house adds to that.

I completely understand.

And those seasons of my life when I’m feeling burnout by other things like being over-committed from volunteer work, or a huge project to wrap up at work. In those super stressful times, I have no time to declutter and I let things like the house tidiness slide and that’s okay. But when I’m done and ready to come back to the house it’s like a huge mess everywhere and my anxiety stays high. Walking through the house and demolishing the piles that have built up brings my entire stress and anxiety level down and then I can relax and go read a book.

Having this strong reason behind why I need to declutter forces me to make the time. 

You will love your home and feel good walking in 

There is no better feeling when taking care of your house and stuff than tying up a bag that is ready to go out the door that is bursting with stuff. Except the feeling you get when you walk back into a room you just decluttered and tidied and it looks so good. That feeling of your home is tidy and cozy is the feeling that you are going for. Yay! And have your kids ever done this — you are done tidying and decluttering their toys and they come right behind you and start playing with their toys! 

I don’t get mad. It makes me happy because I feel like I’ve cleared the clutter and space for them to have the room to pay and rediscover the beautiful things they already have. Even if I just tossed a bunch of stuff from their toy bin. 

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Less work for you and your family to do

Oh, this one speaks for itself. But less stuff equals less work. I’m thinking even as big as your house here. If you have a smaller house that you are the main person caring for …. Well, you have a lot less cleaning to do because your house is smaller. If you have just the right amount of furniture in your house and not a living room furniture line, you have fewer couches to clean and move and find toys under. You have more space to walk around and more open space in your house.

It will feel less squishy and suffocating. 

Strip away all that doesn’t matter 

I love this one. What’s that quote of “Show me your calendar, where you spend your time and show me your bank account, where you spend your money and I’ll show you your priorities” Esh! It’s so true. And the most important question regarding this is “Are you being intentional?” 

This is why I love decluttering. I almost make it a game to see what I can get rid of in my life next that doesn’t really matter but is still in my life. Like sugar for example. I drink so much coffee with a spoonful of sugar every time. And those highs and lows of your blood sugar wave that come after … I know they are horrible for you. (we have 3 type 1 diabetics in our house, 2 daughters and my hubby) Recently I removed sugar from my coffee. One thing that doesn’t matter that I needed to declutter and strip away from my life to take better care of myself. 

What are your priorities in your life? And does your house reflect that? It should. That’s what you are decluttering towards.

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How bad do you want it?

I don’t know about you but I find when I start a new habit it can be so easy to forget. I wake up in the morning and don’t even think about making my coffee … I just automatically do it and when I’m nearly 2 cups into the day I remember “Oh, yeah, I was going to go without sugar today. Shoot! Well, I’m already screwing up my blood sugar and might as well try again tomorrow.” Which I realize is a terrible perfectionist mindset issue. I need to combat LOL but the point is — how bad did I want it? How badly do I want no sugar in my coffee in the morning? 

Real bad. Then I’ll find a way to make it happen. Which I did by running out of white sugar. There is literally no sugar for my coffee in the morning and I’m focused on using fake sugar. 

How bad do you want to have less junk in your life? What’s one thing you can do today to make that change? 

4 Tips to find a little bit of time to start 

Start with a mindset shift: this all doesn’t need to happen in a day

This one is huge. If you don’t look at your house to declutter as a project that you needed to get done yesterday and instead think of decluttering your house as a flowing living breathing thing that you’ll need to slowly work through again and again. This takes the pressure off, lets you take a deep breath and all you need to do is figure out your next move. That’s all. 

I’ve been decluttering for 5 years now and still, there is always something to declutter because guess what people are living with me! You’ve got this.  

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Start with 15 minutes and one drawer 

A single focus can be the key that takes away the overwhelm of the house that needs to be decluttered. Especially IF you are just starting. You may think you have no time to declutter, but I’ll bet you can find 15 minutes.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and pull everything out of one drawer and go through each item. Only put it back in the drawer if you 1. Love it 2. Use it 3. Would buy it again.

Anything that is left over is even looked at again or considered again, put in a bag to take to donations.

Go one step further and toss it in the trunk of your car!   

Start by walking around your one room with a garbage bag 

This one I do a lot. With 5 kids running around our small house there always seems to be garbage here and there and when I start by picking up the garbage in the living room for example … typically I’ll keep walking around the kitchen and this picking and tossing of garbage gets me in the mood of tossing and I keep going by going through the toy bin in search of anything that is broken and ready to toss. 

But walking around with a garbage bag is the easiest place to start. One room. No garbage. 


You may think you have no time to declutter BUT you can do this. You can create a little space in your life to start your decluttering journey. It’s a process that hopefully will take you a lifetime to complete. Because it’s a lifestyle to choose to live with only what you need and only what is your property and only with what makes you happy.