How Much Stuff Do You Really Need?

Getting more, needing more, and thinking about how you can make them better around the house, leads you too … you guessed it … more! 

This was me when I first got married. How do I make the shabby little apartment better and how do I make the piles of baby clothes tidier? How do I keep my kids occupied and all their stuff tidy? This strive for more was causing me anxiety that I didn’t realize was being perpetuated. 

All I was doing was trying to make my life better. 

Or so I thought. 

Then I attended a virtual business class where the owner was teaching the class on how to plan and create a life on purpose by planning for your business year up ahead and taking the time to plan out the whole year. 

She started by defining what was enough. I started setting clutter boundaries.

It’s not about making endless money at passive income and your goal is achieved. It’s not about trying and collecting stuff to keep upgrading your life. 

Defining for yourself what is enough for you and your home. 

Now taking that and applying it to life and your home will help with the mental shift needed for reigning in the clutter. Putting a limitation on what you have in your home is not a bad thing. In this day and age, I almost cringe to write the word limitations. It’s like it’s a bad thing. But looking at and defining when enough is enough is not a limitation but firing.

Because once you’ve reached the point that your house is looking the way that you want it to feel. Guess what … you can now spend your time and energy-saving up for your family’s dream vacation. Or side hustle projects you always wanted to start. Or you’ve finally broken free of debt so you can start to put your house the way you want by buying the right fitting furniture and replacing the broken living room lamp. 

So how do we define enough is enough and set clutter boundaries? 

No.1 Start with the dream 

Taking some time and brainstorming what it is that you love about your house and what is good is a great start. Then what would you like it to look like? What would you change or improve and why? Maybe a fresh coat of paint to brighten the room and cover the chips in the drywall. Maybe an entire relocation into a different city or out to the country. What is your dream house?

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No.2 Look at where you are right now 

This is lifting up your head and looking around at what you have. Are there things that work? I’m all for this step. A lot of decluttering and rearranging furniture can go a long way to set the feel of the room closer to the one that you dreamed about. 

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No.3 Check out your finances 

This is taking a look at the money that you have coming in and actually writing down on paper how much you really need to live off of. Stick with me here. Because most of the time what we think we need and what the numbers tell us are two different things. And I’m talking like 9 out of 10 of us think we need nearly twice as much as we do. And what this means for you and your dream house is that you can match your numbers to your plan. Your plan about the money you’ll need to buy the paint that you want to refresh a room so it will feel more like home. Or maybe this will show you the places that you can take from so you can put it into saving so that you buy that dream country house. 

Don’t forget to talk to the hubby and draw him into the dream that you are dreaming for your home and what it looks like, but most importantly what it feels like.

And if he is not jiving with what you’re saying, asking him what he has a dream house would be a great starting point so you can marry your 2 dream houses together and come to a happy middle. This is the ideal and it won’t happen perfectly but that’s alright. We are going to give a little to get a little — the beauty of relationship.

The most important part is, like I said earlier — what your house feels like. A small house with piles of stuff everywhere because you are trying to find a place for everything you’ve both collected is like walking into an anxiety attack then it’s time to change that for yourself and your sanity and the feel of your home.  

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No.4 Make a roadmap to get you from here to there

Make a list. I love a list. With a clipboard in hand … walk around the house and just observe, note on a piece of paper the things that you would change. The light fixtures you would like to replace, the laundry area that needs to be rearranged to accommodate a pile of clothing. It’s thinking through the process before you get started that will make everything you do on and in your home have a purpose instead of hoping that it will all work out.

This list is your roadmap. I love to highlight mine with yellow for the things that with a little elbow grease and a little bit of money … like a $100 or less Dana and I could do it. Highlight in orange the items that you are going to need to hire help for. And use a green highlight for the items that you are just going to have to wait it out and save up for … aka a new couch. You could go one step further and label items 1 – 4 using the Eisenhower matrix system. 

  1. Items that are urgent and important – these are items that are feeling like the house is on fire and need to be done in the next few days
  2. These are items that are important but not urgent – these are items that need to be done in the next week or so
  3. Items that are not important but urgent – these are times that need to be done but are probably being asked by other people or, are just not very high on your priority list … like a wait for later.
  4. Finally are items that are not urgent and not important – which means …they need to be deleted 

No.5 Follow through those clutter boundaries and see your dream house come alive

Now that have you have a plan in place don’t forget to take the next step and make sure that you book in a little time to start doing the work on your items #1. By scheduling some time for you. Even if you block off an afternoon chunk of time and that’s it. Can’t find any time. Get started by grabbing this freebie here >>>> Finding Time For YOU This Week

No.6 You have Clutter Boundaries, What is next? 

Sometimes the dreams about the work that you will do on your next project will help you finish the project that you have now. Like a writer that needs to finish up their novel but they keep wanting to start the next book and plan and dream about it because that seems easier than the middle that is a slog. The same can happen with our journey towards a clutter free life. Dreaming about what is coming next … a dream family vacation? A side hustle that is now possible because you have space and now the time? (I know this is one of mine 🙂 )

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Take time to define for yourself what enough is enough for you and your family. Set your clutter boundaries. Do all the kids really need to have a room of their own and a bathroom. Or can 2 kids share a bedroom that is set up nicely and feels spacious even with them both and they share a bathroom? With the endless ability and potential once you’ve reached your clutter free goals what are you going to do next? Limitation isn’t a cap on your life with rules but the freedom that you have when you know your boundaries and what did great for you and your family right now where your family is at. 

By Sharon Schuler