A quick and simple way to declutter food containers.

This one is for that cupboard in the house that is scary to open. You know the one I”m talking about … the container cupboard! Esh! If yours looks anything like mine did … It was containers nestled into containers and there were so many of them that to pull one out would cause a few more to slide out into my waiting hands as well. 

And where was that lid for the big tall round container? I thought I saw it somewhere but I can’t find it in the stack of lids near the cupboard door. 

That was a typical evening of supper clean-up and storage of leftovers in our house. 

Not anymore!

Now we have every lid matching every container sitting neat and tidy in the cupboard. Using a very simple technique for decluttering plastic and glass food storage containers. 

I didn’t make this one up but learned it from the Take Back Your Home Course with Dana, Dana and Cas as the teachers. Check out their course here.

Storing Plastic And Glass Storage Containers

1| Empty your storage container shelf 

Bonus points if you take a sec and wipe the shelf clean! 

2 | Match all containers with all the lids

A quick and easy way to see which ones are missing. 

3 | Snap all the lids on

Especially if everything is dry, snap it on. 

4 | Put all containers back into the cupboard

Storing them with the lids on is a great way to cut down on the clutter. 

Does it really make a difference? 

It’s the smallest thing. The littlest shift to switch out your plastic and glass food storage containers to nestle storing them to storing them with their lids on. For a couple of reasons. 


You can’t store as many containers in your cupboard when they have their lids on so you’ll have to declutter food containers. And this is a good thing. Here’s why … fewer storage containers for leftover food, the less leftover food you have stored in your fridge. declutter food containers

And that’s a good thing … why?! Because how many times do you have piles of food (leftover food) in the fridge and how many times does it ALL get eaten?! And not go to waste?! 

In our house that would be a once-a-week fail! Or learning experience …

Cutting back on my food storage containers certainly helped that problem as we get low on containers I can’t store any more food in the fridge to get lost in the back of the fridge never to be seen again!


It does make a difference because in the process I was able to get rid of a bucket full of random bottoms and mismatched tops that fit nothing and were taking up so much space. My cupboard was less cluttered and so tidy and the best part is … no more lid hunting. I open the cupboard and reach in and in 2 seconds pull out that food storage container that I need and it’s all there together. No digging it out of the nestle containers around it. YAY!

It was such a super easy shift in how I store my food plastic and glass storage containers and yet it made all the difference in the ease of use and it made an easy decluttering exercise. Like 15 minutes! 

I dare you to give it a try. Even for a little while to see if you like storing your containers this way. It’s super simple to do and will completely fix the messy cupboard of containers. 

I’ve taken it a step further and done this for the kids’ school lunch containers too! YAY! Give it a try and see what happens.