Living a clutter free life is a lifestyle of your mindset. It’s what you think about your surrounding environment. And because it’s you and your environment I believe that no one can hand you a complete system that you follow perfectly and your life will be forever changed. 

No, creating a clutter free life requires that you figure out what is best for you and your family. 

Creating a clutter free life is you talking to your spouse and going with your guts. 

Just because you read about this amazing decluttering system from an author, just because you read through some decluttering hack I share here, doesn’t mean that your journey will look like my journey. 

Your journey is your own, so own it. 

Not any author and teacher can know what you are going through at the moment. No one can understand exactly the inner workings of your home atmosphere, not unless you hired a pro to come over and assess and complete the decluttering for you. You are on your own. 

And that’s a good thing!

You are the expert of your home. You know what everyone needs, uses, and the purpose behind each of the rooms in your house. You’re the one who knows that your kitchen is for your family to gather together and catch up on each other’s day. You know that it’s a place of connection but you and your husband have decided that it is not a place for huge events that connect people. It’s just for the family because of its size. Large groups of friends are for summertime and outside. 

What works for you? What is best for your family? 

Your journey is your own, so own it!

Creating Your Own Path to a Clutter Free Life 

Know the core value of your house

 And no I’m not talking about the monetary value of the house I’m talking about in a perfect world … where at the wave of a magic wand (just go with me here for a moment) you have the house that is perfect for you and your family. Perfect in purpose. Visualize the house as a living thing, that changes, and grows as you and your family need it too.

Its only purpose is to serve your family’s needs right now. 

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Chat with the family about what the house is for 

Getting your family together and having a discussion about what the purpose of your house is for will be the foundation of your clutter free journey. Do not skip this part. The most important thing is that this will be the way you will know what to say “Yes” to and what to say “No” to as you declutter. It will make your job a hundred times easier. 

Here are some questions to get you thinking about the core value of your home. 

  • What is the purpose of…
    • … the kitchen in your house? 
    • … the living room in your house? 
    • … the bathroom in your house? 
    • … the bedroom in your house? 

Some examples:

  • The Purpose of…
    • … the kitchen is to gather our family and only our family around the table for supper every evening. (Friends BBQ are outside during the summertime). 
    • … the living room is to provide a place of family rest for our family and room for a visit with one friend at a time. 
    • … the bathroom is for cleaning and washroom purposes only (mirrors in bedrooms for makeup) 
    • … the bedrooms are to rest, sleep, and to put things that only belong to you (as in sisters each have their own bookshelves full of their books because they saved up and paid for them or they were gifts.)

Learn from those that have gone before 

This is my favorite part! I take all the podcast episodes and the books written by the clutter free experts. When I keep cramping in my mind the education about clutter free living I can’t help but act on the teachings that I’ve been taught.

And while I may not follow Mrs. Smith’s 5 step clutter free program exactly for decluttering, it really doesn’t matter how and what you do. So long as you start your own progress.

Not perfectly either. You’re an imperfect journey.

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List out what clicks with you right away and you want to try

When reading a book or listening to an audiobook it’s great to quickly jot out a decluttering idea that sparks interest in you making you want to try it. You are more likely to remember (like scientifically proven 5x more likely) the thing that was said or read when you write it down.

So go ahead and start a “how you are going to declutter list” .

Make room for flexibility and change 

Because the one thing that is constant in life is that life change.

So maybe you are coming up on the start of the hockey season for your kids and a deadline at work. Alrighty, life is about to get a little cray, and you are going to be backing off of decluttering for a while and the house is going to get messy.

Totally fine, because there are no rules (my love language). Just pick a date in the future in your google calendar to say “Should I start decluttering again?” Or a “Time to focus on the house” message on yourself. 


The beauty of clutter free living is that it is your own journey no one can walk it for you and you get to make up the rules as you go. Learn from those that came before you, there is nothing more inspiring than listening to an audiobook about decluttering and then turning around and working on your house and life.

You’ve got this.