Being Content does not mean settling for less

Why being content does not mean settling for less.

In pursuit of the ”happy” life, we are surrounded by marketing and ads that tell us to get more. And with more and more being the message it’s hard to decide and pare down to your version of a “clutter free” life. 

But question for you … What is your version of “clutter free life.” Is it having the least amount of stuff possible in your house to help you with your anxiety and the least amount to make you happy? Is it having all that you need as a house and then you get rid of the extras? Does it mean that you finally dive into the dream of traveling across the continent you live on for the next year and you are going to get rid of most of your stuff and rent out your house in order to do this dream of yours? 

What does “clutter free” look like to you?

To me, it looks like the heart of how you live in your home. Your heart being content with what you have. Contentment means: 

The state of happiness and satisfaction. 

Pretty simple … unless you don’t know what you want or are not even aware of what you need. 

I’ve been there before.

In 2015 when I was taking care of my 4 kids ages 1,3,5,6 — with the lack of sleep and the main caregiver I was a walking zombie and I was really upset with my life. 

Looking back I can easily see that exhaustion really played into that emotion of discontentedness but also there was a huge gap in what I wanted to do with my time and what I was doing with my time. Until I jumped in and watched a free workshop from Lysa Terhurst one day and she said she calculated her week and found that she had 2 hours on Saturday morning that she could do her heart’s work, her writing. And to me that sounded like the happiness, the contentedness that I was looking for. 

I was so inspired by the simple little hope that just a couple of hours a week of focused work would bring me that much joy. So I developed my own method of finding time to work on something that I loved and I did it and it made me so happy. 

Finding Time for You This Week

Contentedness is not settling for less

Settling for less seems to be something that I feel when I’m looking around me at the other people on social media and I “see” what their life must look like and their contentedness. That feeling that I had been working so hard towards … saving my two hours a week on top of everything else that I had going on in my life as a busy mom of littles … all the work when looking outward seemed like and felt like I was settling for less. 

When we feel like we are settling for less

The feeling of “settling for less” usually does come from the thought of comparison. Which is a slippery slope that no one should go down. Staying as far away from it as you can. Like literally speaking out loud when you catch yourself in the middle of comparing. “Nope, stop! I’m comparing!” “Don’t even go there.” 

We would do this at our mom’s group bible study. Talk about our lives and when the #wins were shared, someone would get that frowning looking and wistfully sigh (raising my hand here) and one of us would say something along the lines of how perfect their life seemed.


No one’s life is perfect 

It’s cliche but true to say that no one’s life is perfect. And to hear about someone’s #wins, then feeling like you are settling for less means you are comparing and it also means you are thinking that “that mom” has it all together. That “that” mom has figured out a secret to life and she’s figured out how to be happy and do it all. Yikes! 

The more you spend time with people and really get to know them you see all of the 3D areas of their life. Their strengths and weaknesses. Their abilities and giftings and their heart of contentment behind it all. 

No one’s life is perfect. We are all struggling with our weaknesses. We are all shining in our strengths.

Your content looks different than mine

And your contentedness looks different from mine. One mom loved to have clean dishes and everything put away in her kitchen before she went to bed each night. That made her content. Another mom worked in and on her house all day long it seemed, keeping up her house was her drive. Another mom wanted to make sure she had time to take a coffee break and let some things in her house slide so she could do that. 

All different. All content. And all totally fine. 

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Being content is not the same as settling. Sometimes it feels like it and that’s because it’s a thin line between contentment and comparison. Figure out what you want, what makes you happy, and then put your blinders on. Unfollow on social media, quit the mom’s group. Take the time to figure out your contentedness and dive all in. You are not settling for less — you are living your life the way that makes you feel happy and right and that feeling is contented.