Because you are sitting at the kitchen table with your head in your hands thinking about all the things that you need to get done today and wonder where the heck to start. Where do you start? 

  • Do you start with the dirty bathroom that you only walk into with your nose wrinkled and get out as fast as you can? 
  • Do you start with the dishes that are piling up on the counter behind you? The kids are always eating and you are always cooking supper so there are always pots and pans.
  • Do you start with the pile of junk that is in the kitchen window sill, in the fountain down in the basement, or the corner of the living room surrounding your treadmill that hasn’t been used since 2016? 

Head in hand. Maybe brew another cup of coffee and watch the last episode of season 3 of The Last Kingdom and do a little tidying up later when you have more energy. 

Where DO You Even Start? 

Maybe these opening lives are not exactly you. But chances are because you are reading this there is a variation of yourself and your life and your house in there. 

Motherhood feels overwhelming. With the cooking and the kids and the cleaning and the work and the laundry, everything feels like it is in survival mode and you have no idea where to start so you survive and keep going with what you’ve done before and what you’ve known. 

This was me.

Nah! This is still me.

There are days when I feel so overwhelmed that I curl up on my bed and take a nap rather than face down what I need to do each day and let’s be real … there are things I want to do besides just thriving too.

I know this is you. You have all the responsibilities that have a tsunami effect on you but you still clutch your dreams close to your heart. 

How Do We Get Out Of Survival And Still Get Our Dream

Get Rid Of The Junk 

In order to get out of survival mode and to create space in our busy mom life for time to work on our dreams (no matter what those dreams are), we need to Mom UP and face down the fears in our lives and in our hearts so that we can create that space to breathe. To not freak out in motherhood and kick a hole in the wall in anger. We can thrive in motherhood. 

And I truly believe that step one is getting rid of the junk. The junk in our heart, that baggage that we’ve been carrying around in our heart for years and years, that is harder to get rid of. Oh! It’s so hard.

Some of it we’ve left there for so long we forget why we still act a certain way when we do. The easiest way that I know to get rid of the junk in our hearts and to feel like our spirit is 10 lbs lighter (besides getting more sleep) is getting rid of the junk. 

You will discover things you have forgotten about yourself when you start going through your stuff.

  • You will uncover the good times and the beautiful memories that you made while clearing the junk out of your house.
  • You will be triggered by your mom’s fine china.
  • You will deal with why it’s hard to let go of something yet super easy to burn other things in a bonfire of memories.
  • You will come face to face with the fact that the world around you — your home is a reflection of you and how you deal with things in your heart. 

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Your house is your habit 

Is your pantry full of cookie containers that you have used? A reflection of eating through the situations that you come face to face with?

Is your photo box more of a photo closet where you remember the good old days trying to remake what once was while never remembering the hard time that was back then too?

Is your closet overflowing with clothing that you’ve had since 1995 because you might need them one day? Never truly looking in the mirror and loving and accepting the woman that is now standing there? She is different but she’s loved! 

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Your house has layers of reflections of you

Once you start digging and going through this journey of getting rid of the junk you know that you will be facing down some of your inner demons as well.

I can promise you that throughout this journey you will be finding the beauty of the present moment you are living in if you keep following this path and journey towards a clutter free life. 

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All you need to get started is a willing spirit 

I can say for myself that the more I get rid of is the more that I intentionally say no to in my life.

No, I will not take care of more junk then I have too.

No, I will not spend more time with that piece of equipment.

All you need to get started on this journey of deciding to live a clutter free life is an intentional attitude. 

  • That and realization that as you change the surroundings around you — you will change your primary atmosphere.
  • And as you change your primary atmosphere — you will be intentional about where you spend your time and effort.
  • And if you are intentional about where you spend your time and effort —you will become incredibly content and happy.
  • Because making progress toward the thing that matters most to you —will give you unspeakable joy in your heart. 

So join me … on this journey to get rid of the clutter in our lives.