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What if ... instead of walking into your home and seeing the mess, you walked into your home and felt joy?!

What if you felt in control of your home ... and because of that ... you live your life on purpose with calm and confidence.

Hey there!

I'm Sharon, a recovering perfectionist in pursuit of a clutter free life.

I always wanted “perfect” even as a child. Yet I’m a creative and a writer which means piles of papers and books are my friends. 

Getting married when I was 22 to my “Mr. Right” (he still is) and having 5 kids and one miscarriage within the next 11 years took my body, my anxiety, and our house through the wringer.

Piles of stuff everywhere.

As the fog of babies lifted … I saw our clutter with new eyes, especially when company came over. (YIKES)

I love online learning (keeps me sane) so I found a course to walk me through my cluttered life. Within 3 years my anxiety and my clutter are way down.

But not by following the “perfect ” rules of just one organizing person, but by slowly working through our clutter and creating a home and life we love. A Clutter-Free Life that works for us. 

Which is what I want to do here! I’m here to encourage you to pursue a clutter-free life of what is right for your family, home, and a healthy state of mind. 

Decluttering is the easiest, quickest way to clean the house, calm the mom anxiety, and feel in control. So why not go for the easiest thing first. Let’s get rid of what you think is “JUNK” in your life and create some easy room for you to breathe. Let’s get started. 

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"Clutter is in the eye of the beholder" ~ Dr.Saxbe

Let's Get Started

Decluttering For Beginners

The perfect place to start when you are at the beginning or the re-beginning. Let’s get started with motivation, inspiration and a little “how-to” get started.

Step-By-Step Decluttering

Literally anything “How-To” let’s go through the house room by room and  make a plan. 

Living A Clutter Free Life

What does it mean to live a clutter free life for you? Let’s explore this idea and get you to say for certain ” _____ is my life looking clutter free.” 

Live comfortably with little mess around you.

Let's stop wasting precious time looking for lost things.

You are in control of your life and your home.

You are a capable woman.

You are the perfect woman to create space and breathing room in your home and your life.

Where are you at?

Do you have a little time to declutter your home?

Do you have an hour or two this week to toss out what’s been hiding those boxes stacked in the corner of your master bedroom? No? No worries … I’ve got you covered with this free guide.

My Mission:

I help overwhelmed moms reclaim their lives by teaching + inspiring decluttering, starting with their home (because it’s the easiest) …​ so they can create a life they love.